Local Interest

Obviously, I made it home. What have I been doing in the meantime as I’ve been regaling you with tales of Longview and Texas Challenge? Stuff. Things. Things and stuff. You know. The usual. For those of you interested in sports (or merely “sport” if you’re from across the pond), I noticed a fairly new cache placed in honor of Austin’s own football (or “soccer” if you’re from this side of the pond) club, Austin FC. Since it’s right up the road from my job, I’m not even sure how I hadn’t seen it previously, but no matter. I slipped out of work a few minutes early one day and snagged it!

Another day, I missed out on an FTF. A couple of caches had dropped and still hadn’t been found the next day. Since they were both not far from work, I slipped out one day after a final afternoon meeting and went for them. The first one I ended up leaving alone because it turned out to be a night cache, and the location was … questionable. The second one was in a sizable hole in a large rock. I cracked it open to pull out the log, but there was a signature already on it. Poopy. But they hadn’t logged it, and it wasn’t a handle or name I had ever seen before. Maybe it was another cacher, maybe not. Since “First To Log” isn’t a thing, I’m going to assume that they’re going to get to it one day. Besides, I already have an FTF for the month, so it’s no big deal to me.

One day, I went to a cemetery east of town for a cache. I saw no evidence of stones or anything, but considering the hider maintains the Texas Spirit Quest, I assume that there was one documented as being there at some point. I found it and turned on a side road to head back to town. That’s where I found a sandlot baseball field! The mural of Austin‘s own Willie Wells caught my eye, so I couldn’t not stop. Apparently, there’s a sandlot team based out of here (made up of journalists, photographers, and a bunch of other creative types) that plays other sandlot teams from around the city and state. Live and learn!

Over the weekend, I went back to L-Town. My visit the previous weekend was basically R&R (though, being on the TXGA board, there was a bit of a contractual obligation). This time was to go up and visit the girls as I am wont to do from time to time. We ran errands, ate meals, and eventually got a cache. The caching daughter was kind enough to hold the ladder for the climbing daughter. It was nice that the photo that I had considered staging managed to happen on its own organically. And yes, I am sometimes aesthetic trash.

Finally, in news not local to me, some of you may have heard of the tornadoes that have gone through Mississippi in the last few days. I have recently learned that the Sharkey County Courthouse in Rolling Fork has sustained damage. I haven’t been there yet (my ambivalence about going to Mississippi is known and understood by many), but one day I will. I extend my hopeful wishes that the city will recover, not only for my courthouse-chronicling conditions but for everyone who has been affected. Life is hard enough without natural disasters making things worse.

So, yeah, that was my week. Forward to the future (or some kind of crap like that)!

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