Victoria Parva

A new cache was published about a week ago on the other side of town from me. Another local cacher known for hunting FTFs took a shot at finding it but failed. The CO checked up on it, realized that they had used incorrect coordinates, and revised them. I assume that nobody else wanted to make an attempt because the first attempt was a bust. On Saturday afternoon, I had some time and a burning desire to find an FTF for the month, so I took a drive and went after it. I took the oft-maligned I-35 through downtown (something I wouldn’t recommend on the best days), turned onto the appropriate east-west thoroughfare, and pulled into a new subdivision. I came to a stop right by its central park. As I’m sure many of you would agree, I don’t like caches too close to parks. Luckily, the number of muggles (a father with his two daughters) was low, and I didn’t have a long wait for them to leave. Even more luckily, GZ was just far enough away from the playground that I didn’t raise suspicion (believe me, I was watching out for them to be able to react to them if they began watching out for me). I started a cursory search and found a bison between two blocks of stone. As the little family entered their van to leave, I signed the fresh log.

I considered grabbing another cache in the subdivision for a second FTF but decided against it. When I’m around home, one cache per day is enough. Even though I’m not officially continuing my streak (though unofficially, it still rocks on), I don’t want to cache out the entire city. That’s not a realistic fear, mind you. It’s taken me almost five years to get half the caches in Travis County. I’m sure they’ll open the first pizza place on Mars before I’m in danger of caching out the entire county. Of course, I probably couldn’t figure out the puzzles on some of the Mystery Caches around here, but that’s another line of thought entirely. A small victory was enough. All that really mattered was that inveni, inscripsi, reposui.

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