The Damned Weather!

This isn’t what I intended to talk about but it’s the stupid, stupid thing that’s on my mind…

So, as I was hitting my cache for the day, sky water falling upon me and the earth, I found myself thinking about how much of a pain in the butt dealing with the elements are.  Now I know that I’ve never had to find a cache in the snow or in a sand dune or anything extreme like that.  That said, I’ve have looked for them while the Texas sun (or, as I lovingly call it, the Spear of Apollo) was shining down literally trying to kill me.  I’ve had times when I’ve had the will sapped out of me by the sunlight.  I can’t wait for fall (or, more to the point, “not-summer”).

So tell me, what is the worst weather condition you’ve ever hunted a cache in?

One thought on “The Damned Weather!

  1. I’ve been thinking about this a bit. Geocaching in the rain is always irritating. A light sprinkle is OK, but dripping onto the log is not good.

    I remember one VERY windy spot up in the mountains, near where it drops down to the desert, where I had to crawl over the crest of the hill till I got through the wind, then I could crab-walk another twenty feet to the cache.

    I have not done snow yet, as all the city comes to the snow place when it does snow, and the jam is miles long. It is too ridiculous

    There is one small mountain that I have not quite reached the top of because it is a very hard trail, and near the top the weather always seems to turn for the worse. I remember thinking last time, “I think I will die another day.” Only 1,400 feet vertical, and I made it to 1,100, but there it is.


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