247. Carthage, Panola County

This one is interesting in a different way than Center. It’s like a mix of WPA and more modern. There are obviously extensions that have been built on to it. In fact, the Sheriff’s Department has been built onto the back of it. I’m also curious as to when this and the additions were built because I can’t figure out if this was WPA and additions were made or if it was built later to emulate that look.

A couple of blocks away was a park that seemed to function as a faux courthouse square. Sure I was feeling pressed for time, but the pressure was off at this point. This was my last destination and I’m a little amazed that I got so few counties done. Since I had some time now, why not a few photos? As for the cache…


…I’m not going to lie. I was starting to get tired and a little bit hangry (fun fact: while everybody thinks they’ve created that portmanteau out of whole cloth themselves, it’s been in common usage since the 1950’s and extant since the 1430’s!) so I opted for the simplest cache I could possibly find and it doesn’t get simpler than an LPC at Wally World. Even more important was that I made my last destination for the night before the sun dipped below the horizon. I shot off to Longview to reach my lodgings for the night and get some sleep because I knew that in the morning I had an appointment to keep in…

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