491. Hot Springs, Garland County (AR43)

Now this is a lovely way to end a road trip with a handsome specimen of a courthouse! And, as a strange turn of chance, this happened to be the source of some interesting baseball trivia!

Apparently, the courthouse was built on the site of baseball fields which were the first spring training site in baseball, but that was a long time ago and the past is a foreign country. A number of the listed men went into the Hall of Fame. I’m not into baseball myself (or really many kinds of “sports ball” in general), but truth be told I had only heard of one of them, Cap Anson, and that because of a famous Simpsons episode. I would ultimately learn two things as a result of all this: 1) Anson was famously racist, and 2) Homer Simpson is also in the Hall of Fame. I may not be into baseball, but I consider all things trivial to be my domain.

The cache was at a local Masonic Lodge. I was worried when I got there because there was a truck with someone in it in the back near where I’d be looking. Apparently whoever was there didn’t give a damn because I went about my business with no obvious notice or objection. It turned out to be a clever little flat pack with some tiny magnets, painted the same color as the electrical boxes on the back of the building. Cute. As fate would have it, I have a few tiny magnets of similar size at home so I may just have to make a few of those myself sometime in the near future, but not that day. The sun would soon be up and I would be racing my way back to the holy borders of Texas. I had to stop in Longview to wish my older daughter a happy birthday, but in the fullness of time, I would return to Austin to have a good night’s sleep in my own bed.

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