756. Ephrata, Grant County (WA23)

Now that’s a courthouse! I was curious about its age because it seemed to occupy this weird space between old and well maintained and newer but emulating a classic style. A little research revealed the answer was a little from column A and a little from column B. It was built in 1917–18 but had some renovations in 2014. Well, at least I think the renovations happened. I was only able to discover they were decided upon. Why don’t courthouses have a history department or something that can answer questions about the building itself? Sure, I could probably contact a historical society or something, but that smacks of effort! This is why I need a research intern! Regardless of the effort expended, the courthouse is head and shoulders above Ellensburg. As a minor sidenote, the main street in town is called Basin Street. I doubt this is the one Louie was thinking of, nor did I personally have any blues (or jazz) to offer at the moment.

As for the cache, it was a tin can hidden in the sign of a raceway (which I suspect is more of a demolition derby track based on the semi-demolished vehicles I saw on the way there).  It was clever, but not clever enough that I felt the need to give it a favorite point.  On the whole, this tiny town was a little nicer than expected, but it was time to continue on to other places, like the scenic vistas of…

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