The Undiscovered Country

My buddy Carrot Killer placed a challenge cache near Georgetown a couple of weeks ago. Its goal is relatively simple and straightforward: find a cache in all eight states that border Texas, four American, four Mexican. I’m not an FTF hound, so I didn’t rush out to get it. I figured I’d go out sometime and add it to the list of challenges I’m keeping for proverbial rainy days. Fast forward to this weekend, and I noticed that it still sat unclaimed. This was surprising because Williamson County is a hotbed of active cachers. Two of the area’s most prolific hiders live up there, along with a multitude of people who have more caches; more states, counties, and countries; and more distance, longevity, Fizzy loops, Mega-Events, and pretty much any other metric you can think of. And I haven’t even mentioned the guy who has topped a hundred thousand caches. So many cachers were around who could have gotten it, and yet nobody touched it. I got it myself, earning an FTF on a challenge, something that has happened for me only once before. Consultation with the Carrot solved the question. A lot of people just don’t qualify for it.

I long ago noticed that most people who have gotten one or more caches in Mexico have acquired them in one (or more) of three specific states: Baja California, Guerrero, or Quintana Roo. I posit this is because these are the locations of the popular travel destinations Tijuana, Acapulco, and Cancun/Cozumel. Cachers rarely cross into the other border states as I have: Chihuahua, Coahuila, Tamaulipas, and (most famously) Nuevo Leon. I know border areas have a reputation for being rough and crime-ridden, but I think there’s nothing further from the truth. I’ve never felt a scintilla of danger on any trip across the border. Is that reputation keeping cachers away? A lot of the folks I mentioned previously have completed the Texas County Challenge, so they’ve been near enough to cross. And yet, when I started consulting Project-GC, I was amazed at how few cachers in Texas have multiple states in Mexico. I only have the four myself, but that puts me at #40 on the list of most Mexican states by cachers from Texas. If I found a fifth, that would jump me up to #26. I found another interesting stat as well. There are thirty-one states and Mexico City, making for thirty-two first-level administrative territories in Mexico. The Mexican cacher with the most states has twenty-seven. The only cacher who has more (based out of Jordan?!?!) has twenty-eight. There is no cacher on earth who has been to every state in Mexico! I guess my point here (and I do have one) is that there’s always a new vista that someone hasn’t reached. Carrot Killer has already expressed interest in going to every Mexican state and is currently at nine. It’s good to have a goal, isn’t it?

2 thoughts on “The Undiscovered Country

    1. Wow! You’re not kidding! There are two states in Mexico that only have one, but at least every state has at least one.

      That said, in the early days of the Texas County Challenge when not every county had a cache, you could get credit for a county by placing a cache. Maybe Honduras could be the same? Except I guess nobody could make the challenge because nobody would have cached in every Honduran state.

      Sometimes challenges can be rough!


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