88. San Angelo, Tom Green County

Just before dawn I made it here. This one was quite the building. Reminds me of some of the old governmental buildings in London. Man, do I wish I was doing this the last time I was there. Then again, that was a long time ago and I’m not sure urban caching was quite as much of a thing back then.

There was a cache on the square, across the street from the courthouse, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to grab it. It was in the central library and there was no way I was going to wait until it opened. I had too many things to do to wait until it opened, to many counties to get to. Heck, I probably hit three counties before it opened. It didn’t matter anyway. I had already gotten my requisite cache on the way into town.

I don’t usually like home caches for obvious reasons, but this one was out in the open on the front stoop and didn’t make me look like I was trying to case the place. And, as you can imagine, there were toys! I ended up taking a couple of trackables, wooden boxes containing shells and trackable info. Clever idea. I may employ it in the near future myself. Cheap boxes with little clasps. Put some swag in a box and, as it passes from person to person, they grab the contents and replace it with something of their own before sending it on. That might work.

But once I got done downtown, it was time to move. I got to driving and I headed for…my first encounter with the DPS. So I’m driving out of town when I see some disco lights in the rear view. Took me a second to get that they were for me. I pulled over and the trooper came to chat. He told me that he pulled me over for going three miles over the speed limit.

Wait… What? Three? Three?!? Really? I actually told him that I had just passed another car so maybe I didn’t slow down enough, but three? He gave me a warning. How kind… I got back on my way on down the road and soon I arrived in…

10 thoughts on “88. San Angelo, Tom Green County

  1. Always up by 630 AM for granny duty so feel free to ring the bell. I’ll be looking forward to your return visit.


  2. Glad you enjoyed Jacki’s Toy Box. You should have rung the bell. Sorry you missed out on the one in the library which is a good one to do. Both are mine. 🙂 Come back and enjoy some of the other fantastic caches in this area, especially the Mermaid and Horny Toad caches. -mommio


    1. It was 630AM on a workday so I thought you might like to sleep or get ready or something. That said, I have to go back to Midland in the next few weeks so there’s no reason I can’t come back through and say hello… 🙂


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